What we do

Facilitating organization development (OD) and change management

process that enable our clients to better understand and articulate their development needs, as well as identify appropriate and sustainable solutions that promote growth.

Supporting Alliances and/or networks,

through support to establishment of governance and implementation policies and structures, facilitating regular reflection, knowledge sharing and strategy meetings, and ensuring efficient documentation.

Coaching program/project teams

to enhance capacity in various aspects of planning and management, strengthen the quality of knowledge products, and skills to manage their workload more efficiently.

Facilitating convening/workshops

in which safe spaces are created, where teams can hold critical discussions, express themselves openly and tackle issues in a clear- eyed and often structured framework.

Facilitating strategy thinking and development processes

that challenge organizations to clearly articulate their purpose, identify core issues and find innovative, creative, equitable and appropriate solutions to the challenges they tackle.

Conducting program/Institutional reviews and evaluations

through processes that are structured to capture results, facilitate learning and promote conscious development of organizations.